What is grainy footage?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is grainy footage?
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Does anyone have good proof that the Tasmanian Tiger or Thylacine still exists?

No. There have been no confirmed sightings. Many claim to have video footage of Thylacine-like animals, but the images are invariably grainy and indistinct.

Which rocks have the most air spaces grainy rocks or crystal rocks?

Grainy rocks tend to have more air spaces compared to crystal rocks. This is because grainy rocks are composed of loosely packed grains, allowing for more air to be trapped between the particles. Crystal rocks, on the other hand, have a more tightly packed crystalline structure with little to no space for air.

What is the homophone for Grainy?

The homophone for "grainy" is "grainey." Both words sound the same but are spelled differently.

What is a homophone for grainy and rough?

A homophone for grainy and rough is "graney" and "ruff." These words sound the same but have different meanings.

Why one must be careful in making fudge to prevent it from getting grainy?

less than a drop of water in the chocolate to be grainy.

What more likely to have fossils grainy rocks or crystal rocks?

I am pretty sure grainy rocks because they are more common than crystals. They are more likely to contain sea creature fossils. They are likely to have sea creature fossils in them because the land we stand on now, was once covered in water.

Why do your bicep muscles feel or look bumpy and grainy when doing curls?

becaise when you are doing curls your muscsles are not use to the position so your muscles will have to ajust in order for your muscles to get bigger, and they feel grainy because when your doing the curl, the "grainy" will be your tissue muscle

What rhymes with stainy?

Rainy, grainy, zany.

What is an adjective from the word wood?

Woody, grainy

What is another word for grainy wallpaper?


What is a grainy form of limestone called?


How many kinds of grains are there?

The grainy kinds