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multiplied by

2017-10-26 04:01:12
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Q: What is grammatically correct multiplied by or multiplied to?
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What is grammatically correct she does not has her book or she does not have her book?

'She does not have her book' is grammatically correct.

Is he you and i grammatically correct?

He, you and I is not grammatically correct. The proper way to say this is you, him and I.

Is you don't miss me do you grammatically correct?

Yes it is a grammatically correct

Is it grammatically correct to say soonest?

Yes, soonest is correct grammatically.

Is the phrase for free grammatically correct?

Yes, 'for free', is grammatically correct.

Which is grammatically correct we currently have or Currently we have?

Currently we have is grammatically correct.

You are not knowing is grammatically correct or not?

This is not grammatically correct. The correct form is 'you do not know', or the abbreviated 'you don't know'.

Not like that- is this grammatically correct?

"Not like that" can be grammatically correct, depending on the context.

Is 3-Day tour grammatically correct?

Yes! That is grammatically correct!

Is it grammatically correct to say What a drunkard you are?

'What a drunkard you are' is a grammatically correct English sentence.

Is the sentence Rhoda's Crazy grammatically correct?

'Rhoda's crazy' is grammatically correct.

Is Almighty God grammatically correct?

Yes, Almighty God is grammatically correct.

Is this sentence grammatically correct There is also a cathedral and a church If not how is it to be corrected?

The sentence is grammatically correct.

Is it grammatically correct to say she offered me some money but i refused?

This sentence is grammatically correct.

Check if sentence is grammatically correct-That was wrong.?

"That was wrong" is a grammatically correct sentence.

Is this sentence grammatically correct- sometimes i amaze myself?

Yes, it is grammatically correct.

Is have you had lunch grammatically correct?

All it needs is a question mark. Have you had lunch? That is grammatically correct.

Is it grammatically correct to say two homes or two houses?

Both are grammatically correct.

Is Did you fight grammatically correct?

Yes, it is grammatically correct, as long as it is punctuated as a question: "Did you fight?"

Is the phase for free grammatically correct?

"For free' is grammatically correct. It is an idiom of the English language.

Is grammatically correct to say I admire you greatly?

No. It is grammatically correct to say, "I admire you, greatly."

Will it is be grammatically correct to say that there is nothing wrong with this machine?

It is grammatically correct to say: There is nothing wrong with this machine.It is not grammatically correct to say: Will it is be grammatically correct to say ....The correct way to write that or say that would be: Would it be grammatically correct to say....

Is Department of major grammatically correct?

No, it is not grammatically correct. If you want someone to correct it for you, please can you explain what you are trying to refer to?

Is this grammatically correct?


Is irregardless grammatically incorrect?

irregardless is not grammatically correct it is a double negative- the correct term is regardless