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7 lbs is greater

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Q: What is greater 3kg or 7 pounds?
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What is the weight of 3kg?

3 kg is approximately 7 pounds

Which is greater 3000mg 250cg 3kg?

3000mg 250cg 3kg

What is bigger 8 pounds or 3 kg?

8 pounds is heavier than 3kg: 3kg = 6.6 (6.61387) pounds.

3kg is about how many pounds?

6.6 pounds

How many pounds is 3kg?

3kg= 6.61386 lb or 6 pounds and 9.82 oz6.6lbs

Which is greater 3g or 3kg?

3 g or 3 kg

Is 7 tons greater than 15000 pounds?

7 tons is 14000 pounds, so no, it is not greater than 15000 pounds

Which is heavier 5lbs or 3kg?

In pounds, 3 kg is a greater weight than 5 lbs. 3.0 kg = 6.61387 lbs.

How many pounds are there in 3 kilogrammes?

3kg is 6.6 pounds.

What is a greater mass 3kg or 7lb?

Ahhhhhh do are good

Is 144ounces greater than 7 pounds?

Yes. Each pound is 16 ounces; 144 divided by 16 equals 9 pounds, which is greater than 7 pounds.

3kg in pounds?

3 kg = 6.14 lbs

3 kgs is how many pounds?

3kg is about 6.6 (6.61387) pounds.

How many pounds are three kilos?

3kg is 6.61 lbs

How many pounds in 3.0 kg?

There are 6lbs and 9.8219oz in 3kg.

What has a greater density 3kg water or 7kg of water?

Same density.

How much does a 3 kilo baby weigh in pounds?

1 kg=2.2046 pounds so, 3kg= 6.6138 pounds

Is 6 pounds heavier than 3 kilograms?

Six pounds is less than 3kg. Six pounds is about 2.72kg

How much is three kg of sugar if it were pounds?

3kg equates to 6.6 (6.61387) pounds.

Is 7 pounds greater than 70 ounces?


How much should a 7 month baby weigh?


How many pounds and ounces are there in 3 kilos?

3kg = 6lb 9.82oz

What is the weight of car alternator?

About 6-8 pounds on average.

Which one is greater 16 pounds or 16 ounces?

16 pounds is greater becuz pounds are greater

Is 3 kg greater than or less than 3 g?

3kg is greater than 3g 1kg = 1000g