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Mixed numbers are a type of fraction.

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Either can be bigger.

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Q: What is greater a fraction or mix number?
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Related questions

What is the difference of adding a mix number and a fraction?

A mixed number is a fraction

What fraction is greater than 80?

80.1 is a [decimal] fraction number which is greater than 80.

How do you make a fraction that is greater than 1 as a mixed number?

Any fraction in which the top is greater than the bottom number can be converted to a mixed number.

How you can change improper fraction to a mix fraction?

you have to multiply the top and bottom number by the same number

How do you find a greater fraction?

Add a positive number - fraction or integer - to the given fraction.

What will happen if you divide a fraction?

If you divide the fraction by a number greater than 1 then you will have a smaller fraction.If you divide the fraction by a number equal to 1 then you will have the same fraction.If you divide the fraction by a positive number smaller than 1 then you will have a greater fraction.

What is greater a negative or a fraction?

Since fractions can also be negative numbers, we cannot necessarily say whether a negative number or a fraction is greater, however, any positive fraction is greater than any negative number.

Why is an improper fraction greater than one?

That's by the way "improper fraction" is defined. An improper fraction is a number greater than one, written as a single fraction.

What number is an important fraction always greater then?

There is no such number. Given any number, there is sure to be an important fraction that is smaller.

Write the decimal 0.75 as a fraction or a mix number?

fraction=3/4 mix number= there is no mixed number as the decimal is .75 as opposed to a larger number such as 7.5 which would be put as 15/2

When is the reciprocal of a number greater than the number and when is it less than the number?

When a number is a fraction, the reciprocal will always be greater than the original number. When the original number is a whole number, the reciprocal will be a fraction, which is less than a whole number.

What is the mix number of 5 over 4?

o is the mix number and 8 over 5 is th fraction

What is a fraction whose value is greater than or equal to one whole?

Any fraction where the number on top is the same number - or a higher number - than the number on the bottom is equal to or greater than one.

How do you fix a mix number that has an improper fraction?


How do you know if a fraction is less than or greater than 1?

If the numerator (top number) is more than the denominator (bottom number), then the fraction is greater than one.

What is the relationship to the number 1 if the numerator is larger than the denominator of the fraction?

The number (the fraction) is greater than one.

When you divide a whole number by a fraction less than one will the quotient be greater than or less than the whole number?

When you divide a number by a fraction between zero and one, the quotient will be greater than that number.

How do you change a mix fraction to a proper fraction?

Multiply the bottom by the whole number...and then add THAT number by the top number,hope this is what you're looking for!

What fraction is greater that 1 over 11?

Any number that is greater than 9%.

Which is greater a mixed number or a fraction?

Mixed numbers are greater than proper fractions.

If a fraction is greater than what do you know its reciprocal?

If a fraction is greater than a positive number x, then its reciprocal is between 0 and 1/x.

When you multiply a fraction by a number greater than one how does the product compare to the fraction?

The absolute value of the answer will be greater than the absolute value of the original.

What do you describe a improper fraction?

An improper fraction is one where the numerator (top number) is greater than the denominator (bottom number).

How you write 0.31 as a mix number or fraction?


WhenThe sum of integer and proper fraction?

mix number