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A positive rational number.

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Q: What is greater a negative or positive rational number?
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Why are every positive rational number greater than every negative rational number?

It is because of the way in which positive and negative numbers are defined.

Why are positive rational numbers greater than negative rational numbers?

Because 1. Positive integers are greater than negative integers, and 2. Division by a positive number preserves the order.

What is the negative of a negative rational number?

It is the positive value of that rational number.

Every positive rational number and its negative pair?

Every positive rational number and its negative are the two square roots of the same positive rational number.

Which is larger a positive rational number or a negative rational number?

Any positive number is always bigger than a negative number - whether they are rational or irrational.

What is the product of a positive rational number and a negative rational number?

Negative. Only like x like = positive

Which is greater zero or any positive rational number?

Any positive rational number.

How can you know if a negative number is a rational number or not?

If its positive version is rational then it is rational and if not, it is not.

Can rational numbers be negative?

Any rational positive number is still rational when you make the same number negative.

Why is negative 3 a rational number?

Any integer, whether it is positive or negative, is a rational number.

Is a rational number the same as an integer?

no. an integer is a whole, positive number, a rational number can be positive, negative, or a fraction

The product of 2 negative rational number is?

A positive number, and also rational.