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minus three quarters is -0.75

minus one and three quarters is -1.75

Though numerically 1.75 may look greater than 0.75, since sign is involved try to draw the numbers line and mark off -1.75 and -0.75 on it. Which is closer to zero? It is -0.75 and hence is greater than -1.75

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Q: What is greater minus three quarters or minus one and three quarters giving reasons why?
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What is two quarters minus two thirds?

Two quarters minus two thirds is negative one sixth. Two quarters is six twelfths, and two thirds is eight twelfths. Six twelfths minus eight twelfths is minus two twelfths or minus one sixth.

Is -3 greater than -2?


What is two and one half minus three quarters?

1.75 or one and three quarters

What is 3 quarters minus 3 twelfths?

3 quarters is 9 twelfths, so 9 twelfths minus 3 twelfths is 6 twelfths, which is also a half.

What is six eights minus three quarters?

6/8 minus 3/4 is 0.

What is 5 sixth minus 1 sixth?

Three quarters

What is 7 eighths minus 3 quarters?


What is 2 wholes minus one and 1and4?

three quarters

What is one less than three quarters?

Minus a quarter

What is three quarters minus one quarter?


What is Three quarters minus a third?

It is 3/4 minus 1/3 is the same as 9/12 minus 4/12 = 5/12

What is 3 quarters minus four fifths?

Converting to twentieths it is fifteen twentieths minus sixteen twentieths, so the result is minus one twentieth.

What does Four fifth minus three quarters equal?

4/5 minus 3/4 is 1/20.

3 quarters minus 1 third?

One quarter and a half

What is the answer to the fraction nine tenths minus three quarters?

It is: 3/20

What is two and a half minus 1 and three quarters?

10/4 - 3/4 = 7/4 = one and three quarters

What is three quarters minus two thirds?

Converting to twelfths gives 9 twelfths minus 8 twelfths which is 1 twelfth.

How much does 1 gallon of quarters weigh?

$1170.50 is volume equivalent of a gallon of quarters. In a real word situation there will be loss to the space in between the quarters. If you fill a jug full of quarters you will have $800 plus or minus $20.

What isgreater -8 or -6?


Is -1.90 greater than 1.075?

1.075 is greater than minus 1.90

What is three quarters minus one third?

5/12 or if divided, 0.4166666666666667

How many cents are 45 of 1.00?

2 quarters minus one nickel

What is three quarters minus one fifth?

11/20 or 0.55

What is 2 and one half minus 1 and 3 quarters?


Is minus 10 greater than minus 50?

Yes, -10 - (-50) = 40 Therefore, -10 is 40 greater than -50.