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eight eighteenths

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Q: What is greater seven sixteenths or eight eighteenths?
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Is seven eighths and fourteen eighteenths equal?

no . fourteen eighteenths is greater.

Is seven twenty fourths greater or less than five sixteenths?

seven twenty fourths is LESS THAN five sixteenths.

What do you get when you add seven ninths seventeen eighteenths and eight ninths together?


Is seven eighths greater than fourteen sixteenths?

Type your answer here... yes

How much longer than nine sixteenths is seven eighths?

9/16=0.5625 7/8=0.875 7/8 - 9/16=0.3125 Another way to look at this is to consider that seven eighths is the same as fourteen sixteenths, and fourteen sixteenths is five sixteenths greater than nine sixteenths.

What is seven eighteenths plus one third?

13 eighteenths

What is seven eighteenths plus eleven eighteenths?


What is bigger one half or seven sixteenths?

One half one half would be equal to 8 sixteenths, and 7 is less than eight, thusly

How do you write seven sixteenths as a decimal?

Seven sixteenths written as a decimal is 0.4375

What is seven sixteenths in decimal form?

0.4375 is seven sixteenths in decimal form.

What is seven sixths divided by three?

It is seven eighteenths.

What is the answer of seven-sixteenths minus one-fourth?

three sixteenths