What is greek word for symbol?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Symvolo (σύμβολο)

Symbol is a greek word after all

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Q: What is greek word for symbol?
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What does the symbol for pi represent in greek?

The symbol for pi (π), is the Greek letter that is the equivalent to the Roman p. It is the Greek letter pi. It is the first letter of the Greek word περίμετρος (perimetros) from which our word perimeter comes.

What is the relationship between the symbol and the word pi?

The symbol comes from the Greek alphabet.

How are the symbol for pi and the word pi related?

The symbol of pi is 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and it was chosen because the first letter of the equivalent of the word perimeter begins with pi in the Greek language.

What element's symbol comes from Latin word iris?

The symbol for the element Iridium is "Ir". It comes from the Greek word iris that means rainbow.

What is chlorine's origin name or symbol?

Chlorine's chemical symbol is Cl, and its name originates from the Greek word "chloros," meaning greenish-yellow.

What Latin word does the symbol CI mean?

The symbol CI comes from the Greek word 'khloros' meaning green referring to the colour of Chlorine gas.

What is the symbol of psychology?

It is the Greek letter for "psi". This was the first letter in the Greek word "psuchê" which is one of the rout words of psychology. There is a link to a picture of the symbol in the related links.

What is the origin of astatine symbol At?

The symbol At for astatine originates from its name, which is derived from the Greek word "astatos" meaning unstable.

What do you call a symbol or design that represents a business?

A logo, which comes from the Greek for "word".

Where did krypton get its symbol?

The symbol Kr is from the two first letters of name; and name is derived from a Greek word with the meaning hided.

Can you type the symbol Pi?

On Microsoft Word, go into Insert and Symbol, it'll be under Greek letters - you can cut and paste it from there

What is The relationship between the word pi and the symbol for pi?

in the greek alphabet the letter P is the same as the pi symbol...i think