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Half a square is called a rectangle or a triangle.

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Q: What is half a square?
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Related questions

What is bigger- half a meter square or a half square meter?

Both are the same!

What is half of a square kilometer in square meters?

It is 500,000 square metres.

What is the size of half a square kilometer?

One square kilometer is 247.11 acres. Half that is 123.6 acres.

What is half a square called?

Half a square is called a rectangle or a triangle.

What is 1 half squared?

if you square a half you get a quarter.

What is half's equivalent to?

The answer will depend on a half's what! A half's square and a half's cube will be equivalent to different numbers.

How many diagonals can be drawn to divide the square in half?

A square has only to diagonals and either one will divide it in half.

How many square feet is one half acre?

one (half acre) = 21 780 square foot

Is one half a square number?

a number can only be square if it has a square root.

How do you find the radius of a circle inside a square?

The same as half the side of the square, as the radius of the circle is half its diameter, and the diameter of the circle is equal to the side of the square.

What is the perimeter of a square with a side measuring eleven and a half inches?

What is the perimeter of a square with a side measuring eleven and a half inches?

What does half a meter square equal?

If you mean the side length of a square is half a meter, then you have 0.5 meters x 0.5 meters = 0.25 square meters.

What is square feet in half acre?

21,780 square feet

How is a triangle related to a square?

A right triangle is half of a square

What is half of 3535932 square miles?

1767966 square miles

In feet how big is half acre square?

A square of half acre in area is approx. 147.6 ft x 147.6 ft.

How many square inches are there in 4 and a half square feet?

648 square inches in 4.5 square feet.

What is a half of a square?


What is the difference of a half mile squared and a half square mile?

Half a mile squared is 1/2 times 1/2. It equal 1/4 q. mile. Half a square mile is twice that amount.

What are the properties of square roots?

the properties of a square root is half square ... not sure... -__-

What is an approximate length of a square if half is 29.7?

If half of the square is 29.7 1/2 square= 29.7 therefore , 1 square= 2 x 29.7 =59.4

What is the fourth power of the square root of forty-nine?

Square root of 40 can be written as 49 to the power of half. So, the 2 in the half gets cancelled with the 4 leaving 49 square. And 49 square is 2401.

What is the formula for square footage of a triangle?

Treat it as a square and half the result.

How can you prove that a triangle is 180 degrees?

its half a square and a square is 360

What is the shape called when you cut a square based pyramid in half?