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Same as half an inch anywhere else.

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Q: What is half an inch on a glass?
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What are some crafts involving a 6 and one fourth inch by 5 and 1 half piece of glass?

if you have extra little shards of glass, you could fuse them the the other, 6 and one fourth inch by 5 and 1 half peice of glass

When you measure the ounces in a container or glass does it go all the way to the top or to where you would normally fill for drinking maybe half an inch from the top?

about half an inch from the top

How much does tempered glass weigh at half inch thickness?

A half inch thick tempered glass will weigh 6.75 lb/ft2. With that much thickness, it can support much of the weight of possibly a small child or small animal.

How much does Tempered Glass weigh at quarter inch and three-eighths and half inch thicknesses?

Glass weighs 162 pounds per cubic foot. Tempering adds no weight. Glass is glass, except specialty glasses like high temperature glass, which weighs slightly more.

What do you have when someone drinks half a glass of your half glass of water?

An empty glass, since half a glass drunk from half a glass will leave it empty. ;)

What is the average square foot cost of half inch thick smoked tempered glass?

how much does obscure glass cost per foot on average

Is it more accurate to measure to the nearest inch half inch or inch?

half inch

How many quarts of an inch in half inch?

Two quarters of an inch are in a half inch.

What is Approximately 1 and a half of an inch?

half an inch!

What is half of half an inch?

One fourth of an inch.

How long is an inch and a half of hair?

an inch and a half, i think

How many thousandths are there in a half inch?

There are 500 in half an inch

How do you write half inch?

1/2" Or Half Inch of 50% of 1 inch

What is 0.5 of an inch?

Half an inch.

What is a half inch?

About your finger turned to the side is approximately half an inch

What is more one eighth of a centimeter or half an inch?

Half an inch.

Half an inch is how many mm?

Half inch is equal to 12.7mm

How many quarters are in a half an inch?

There are two quarters in half an inch.

How many feet and inches are in a half a inch?

there are 1\24 of a foot in a half an inchthere are 1\2 of an inch in a half an inch

One half inch equals how many thousands of an inch?

Half an inch = 500/1000 = 0.500 inch.

How much does standard half inch thick plate glass weights?

A little over 3 pounds per square foot

Why does the window glass not move up half inch or so when door closed?

The window tracks may have loosened up and are out of adjustment.

How many mm in 1 half inch?

There are 12.7 mm in half an inch.

How many centimetre there are in half an inch?

there are 1.27 cm in half an inch 1.27cm

What does half an inch equal in centimeters?

Half an inch is equal to 1.27 centimeters.