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57.5 is half of 115

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57 .00

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Q: What is half of 115?
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What is a half of 115?

115 ÷ 2 = 57.5

How many bikes are there if there are 115 wheels?

half of 115

What is half of 230?


What is half of 225g?


How many ccs in a half of a cup?

Approximately 115 cc in half a cup

What times what that equals 115?

57 and a half

Is half a cup 8 oz and 125ml?

Half a cup of water is 4 oz or 115 ml.

How many ml is half cup of vegetable oil?

That is approximately 115 ml

How much is a half a cup of mayonnaise in ml?

That is approximately 115 ml.

Is a 11 year old girl who is 5'3 and a half or 5'4 and 115 pounds overweight?

No, 115 pounds is a healthy weight for somebody that height and age.

How many cups of margarine is 115 grams?

115 grams is equal to 4.0565 ounces, that's one half cup, or, if you get it in sticks, one stick of margarine.

What is 255 in half?

127.5 you got that boy/girl?

How many grams in half a cup of mozzarella cheese?

would it be about 115 grams or less

How many cups equals 115 gram of butter?

One pound -- 453.59 g -- of butter equals two cups, so one-half cup of butter equals 113.39 grams. For all practical purposes, then, 115 grams equals one-half cup.

How much is a 1959 half dollar?

It is worth anywhere from $9 to $115 if its Mint Condition Uncirculated

How long does it take to go one mile at 115 mph?

Approximately half a minute.

How many teaspoons is 115 g sugar?

One teaspoon is roughly 4.2 grams, so 115 grams would equal 27.4 teaspoons. So, 27 teaspoon and a little under half a teaspoon.

What is 115 plus 115?

115 plus 115 = 230

How much is a 4 feet and a half 11 year old girl supposed to weigh?

Average 80-95 skinny 70-80 a little chubby 95-115 anywhere between 70-115 should be healthy

How much is one stick of butter?

One stick of butter is equal to half a cup of butter or approx 115 grams of butter.

What is element 115?

Element 115 is Ununpentium, or Uup. It is also known as eka-bismuth. It is a placeholder in the periodic table, and we have not been able to synthesize more than 30 or so atoms of it since 2004. All of its half-lives are very short.

What 115 in times?

1 × 115 = 115 5 × 23 = 115

How many grams of butter to make one half cup of butter?

A standard cup can hold 227 grams of butter. So, half a cup can hold about 110 - 115 grams of butter.

How many feet are there in 10 feet x 11 and half feet?

10' x 11.5' = 115 square feet

What does 115 over 115 plus 2 equal?

115 over 115 plus 2 equals two.

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