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30 minutes

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Q: What is half of 1 hour?
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How many half hours in an hour?

There are two half hours in an hour. As an hour is 1, while a half hour is 0.5. 0.5 multiplied by 2 will equal to 1.

How many minutes are in a hour in a half?

30 Minutes = Half An Hour 60 Minutes = 1 Hour 90 Minutes = 1 Hour & A Half

How many minutes are in and hour in a half?

1 hour = 60 minutes, 1/2 hour = 30 minutes! Therefore 1 and a half hour would equal 90 minutes! Can't you add?

What is every half hour on the hour?

It means every hour, do something on the half of that hour. Eg. 1:30 > 1 hour later > 2:30, etc. So basically, once an hour, but shift it to the half hour (30 mins)

A Doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take 1 every half hour How many minutes will the pills last?

pill, half hour, pill, half hour, pill, half hour 90 minutes.

What is half a minute as a fraction of 1 hour?

half of a sixtieth...

How much is a half of an hour equal to how much of a day?

Half of an hour = 1/2 hour...(1) Hours in a day = 24 hours and 1 hour = 1/24 day...(2) From the above two results, we get Half of an hour = (1/2)/24 day = 1/48 day

What fraction of the day is an hour and half a hour?

1/24 and 1/48, respectively.

Is it half an hour or half a hour?

half an hour

How many hour in 1 and a half day?

There are 36 hours in 1 and a half day

How much is half an hour?

half (1 hour) = 30 minutesIt is 0.5 hours.

What is the distance between Perdido Key and Destin Florida?

1 hour to 1 hour and a half

How may minutes in 1 half hours?

theres 30 minutes in a half hour.. theres 90 minutes in an hour and a half.

How long is 0.5 of an hour?

30 minutes, if I'm right, I'm thinking there's 60 minutes in 1 hour=1 & half; .5 is half of one hour in this situation.

How many is an hour and a half in numbers?

1 1/2

Is 1 in a half hour is 50 mins?


How many half hours equal 2 quarter hours?

1 quarter of an hour is 15min so 2 quarters is equal to 1 half an hour.

What is the flight time between Atlanta and Norfolk?

1 hour to a hour and a half

How many seconds are in an half a hour?

1,800 seconds in 1/2 hour.

In Half an hour Is half a noun?

Yes. Half is a noun and half an hour (half of an hour) is a time period.

Half and hour vs half hour?

The term is actually "half an hour" which is short for "half of an hour". This has same meaning as "half hour" or a rough approximation of 30 minutes.

If i work 1 hour overtine at time and a half pay what is my pay?

Your pay would be an hour plus half of another hour of whatever your hourly age is.

What is half past mean?

30 minutes after the hour. "Its half past 1." it's 1:30!

How many second is in 1 hour and 30 minutes?

Half an hour is 1800 seconds. 3 half hours are 5,400 seconds.

How many minutes is 1 hour in 30 minutes?

Half an hour is 1800 seconds. 3 half hours are 5,400 seconds.