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Four-tenths, or two-fifths.

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Is 2 fifths less then 4 fifths?

Yes, 2 fifths is half of 4 fifths.

What is 2 and 4 fifths rounded to the nearest half?

2 and 4 fifths rounded to the nearest half is three (3).

Is 4 fifths the same as one half?


What is half of four-fifths?

Two-fifths.Half of four is two, so half of four-fifths is two-fifths.

What is two fifths divided by five and a half?

4/55 (four fifty fifths)

What is 8 and a half times by 4 fifths?


Multiply 4 and 2 fifths times 2 and 1 half?

4 and 2 fifths= 4.42 and 1 half= 2.54.4 * 2.5 = 11

What is 4 and 2 fifths 1 and 7 eighths 3 and a half?

78 and a half

What does 4 fifths and seven tenths equal?

one and a half.

What is two fifths divided by one half?


What is 1 and three fifths divided by 4 as a fraction?


Which is bigger 1 half or 2 fifths?

One half is bigger than two fifths because two fifths just before 2.5 fifths which is half.

Is there a exact number of fifths to equal a half?

Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.Yes, exactly 2 and a half fifths make up a half.

What is four fifths times one half?

two fifths 4/5 x 1/2 = 4/10 = 2/5

What is nine and nine tenths minus five and one-half?

4 and two fifths

What is the difference between 4 fifths and 3 tenths?

1 half

Is 5 tenths equal to 4 fifths?

No - five tenths is equal to a half. Four fifths is equal to eight tenths.

What is 2 and 1 half multiplied by 7 and 4 fifths?'s 19 and 1 half

What is 4 and one half multiplied by 2 and two fifths?

10.8 or 10 and 4/5

How many fifths are in a half gallon of liquor?

According to The Webtender, a fifth is 25.6 ounces or 1/5 of a gallon. So there would be 2.5 fifths in a half-gallon.

What is the answer to five and a half times 4 fifths?

five and a half=5.5 four fifths=.8 since one divided by five is .2 and four .2's (4x.2)=.8 5.5x.8=4.4, or four and 2 fifths four and two fifths is the answer.

Is three fifths bigger than a half?

Three fifths is bigger than one half. Two fifths is smaller than one half.

Is one half equal to three fifths?

No, one half is 50% and three fifths is 60%. One half also equals three sixths and not three fifths.

How many fifths are in 3 4 fifths?

4/5 x 3 = 12/15 so there are 12 fifths.3 4/5in 3 there are 3x5 fifths = 15in 4/5 there are 4 fifths = 44 fifths plus 15 fifths = 19There are 19 fifths in 3 4/

4 fifths divided by 3 and one half equals?