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one and a half is equal to three halves, so: 1/2 * 3/2 = 3/4 = three quarters of a gallon

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Q: What is half of one and a half gallons?
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Related questions

Half gallons equal one gallon?

Two half-gallons = 1 gallon

How many quarts are in 1 and a half gallons?

Six quarts in one-and-a-half gallons.

How many fluid ounces in 2 and one half gallons?

Two and one-half gallons is 320 fluid ounces. (US)

Does 4 and one half of gallons equal 18 pints?

Four and a half gallons is 36 pints

2 and 1 half gallons is equal to how many quarts?

There are ten quarts in two and one half gallons.

How many gallons are in 6 quarters?

Six quarts makes one and one half gallons.

How many gallons are in 6quarts?

one and one-half.

12 pts equals how many gallons?

one and a half gallons (1.5)

How many half gallons are in 420 gallons?

840 half-gallons.

Which is bigger 1.2 gallons or 14 gallons?

14 gallons. 1.2 gallons is less than one and a half gallons, 14 gallons is fourteen gallons. 14 gallons is bigger.

How many half of gallons are in a fluid ounce?

Half gallons are much greater in volume than a fluid ounce. One fluid ounce would equate to about 0.015626half-gallons.

How many half gallons is equal to 10 gallons?

20 half-gallons.

One and a half cubic feet equals how many gallons?

11.22 gallons of liquid.

How many pints are in two one half gallons?

2.5 gallons is 20 pints.

How many half gallons do you think it will take to fill 1 half gallon?

One half gallon is enough to fill one half gallon.

How many pints are in one and a half gallons?


One and one half gallons equals how many quarts?

A gallon has 4 quarts. Multiply the number of gallons by 4.

How many half gallons is 1 gallon?

Two half-gallons.

How much is one half gallon annd one gallon and one quart make?

One and Three Quarters Gallons = 1.75 Gallons = 7 Quarts

How many cups are in three and one half gallons?


How many half gallons are in one gallon?

Umm two...

2 quarts is how many gallons?

One half gallon

One gallon equals how many half gallons?


How many half gallons 1 gallon?

There are two half gallons in a gallon.

How many gallons are in 1000 half gallons?

500 gallons.