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6 inches.

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Q: What is half of one foot?
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Is it one-half foot or one-half feet?

Neither, it is pronounced half of a foot.

How many inches one half equal to o1 half foot?

6 inches in one half foot.

How much is one half foot squared?

One half foot squared is one quarter of a square foot (36 square inches).

How long is a half of a foot?

A half of one foot is six inches long.

How many feet purchased if bought 4 yards?

One foot and a half One foot and a half

What is the ratio of one foot to one and a half feet?

The ratio is 2/3: One foot can be expressed as 2 half-feet and one and a half feet can be expressed at 3 half-feet.

How many inches in 1 half foot?

One foot is 12 inches, so half a foot would be 6 inches.

What do you get when you add one half of a foot and one quarter of a foot?

1/2 of a foot + 1/4 of a foot = 3/4 of a foot

What do you get when you add a half of a foot and one fourth of a foot?

three fourths ( 3/4) of a foot

Is a decimeter shorter than one half a foot?

A decimeter is most definitely shorter than half of a foot. A decimeter is .1 centimeter and there are 15.24 centimeters in 6 inches which is half of a foot.

One-half foot equals what?

same question

What does one half cubic foot equal in pounds?

That depends on what this is a half-cubic foot OF. Feathers? Lead? Helium? It makes a difference.

How tall is 5 foot 7 half inches in centimetres?

5 foot 7 and one half inches is 171.45 cm

How many one half inches are in a foot?


How many square feet is one half acre?

one (half acre) = 21 780 square foot

How big is half a foot?

6 inches, smart one

What part of a yard is half feet?

Half a foot (6 inches) is one-sixth of a yard.

How inches are in one and a half feet?

there are 12 inches to a foot therefore one and a half feet is 12 + 6 = 18 inches

How many 0. 5 cubic foot bags of gravel make cubic foot?

0.5 is one-half, it takes 2 of these to make one cubic foot.

What is the average height of a peregrine falcon?

between half and one foot

How many steps does it take to walk a foot?

One and a half at most

What does 1 and a half foot equal?

18 inches is one possible answer!

How many inches in a half a foot?

There are 12 inches in a foot and half is 6

What is 5 foot six inches in centimetres?

One (1) foot equals 30.48 centimeters; or, in other words, there are 30.48 (or approximately thirty and a half) centimeters in one (1) foot. Five foot six inches is 5 and one half (5.5) feet. So, then, the math would be 5.5 x 30.48 = 167.64 centimeters.

If a person grows half a foot how many inches is that?

One foot is 12 inches, so the person must have grown 6 inches. In fact, half a foot is 6 inches whether or not a person grows that much. :)