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seven and three quarters = seven and six eighths

three is half of six

leaving one and six eighths = 8/8 + 6/8 = 14/8

so half of 14/8 = 7/8

Answer: three and seven eighths

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Q: What is half of seven and three quarter inches?
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What is three and a quarter added to four and a quarter?

Seven and a half.

What is half of 1 foot 3 quarter inches?

6⅜″ (six and three eighths inches)

What is four and three fourths plus two and one half simplified?

It is seven and a quarter.

How many quarter inches long is an eighth inches?

An eighth of and inch is half of a quarter of an inch!

What is half of three quarter?

three eighths

Is a half bigger than a three quarter?


How many inches are in three and a half feet?

Three and a half feet = 42 inches.

What is one and a quarter added to three and a quarter?

4 and a half

What is three quarter of thirty?

three quarter of thirty = twenty two and a half (22.5)

How tall was the worlds tallest horse?

Its name is Big Jake, he is 20 hands and two and three-quarter inches tall (six feet, ten and three-quarter inches tall, and weighs 2,600 pounds, and he is the tallest horse alive. The tallest horse ever was 21.2 hands tall (seven feet and two-and-a-half inches), was a Shire horse gelding, and had an estimated weight of 3,360 pouds. This is as of September 2, 2013.

What half of three and a half inches?

Half of three is 1.5 inches, you're now left with a half inch to divide, which is 0.25 1.50 inches plus 0.25 inches is your answer. 1.75 inches lol good luck

What is quarter to and quarter past mean?

Time on a clock quarter = quarter of an hour = 60/4 = 15 minutes example, quarter to three = 2:45 quarter past three = 3:45 Also half past two in some countries is referred as half to three.

Adding half to a quarter equals?

One-quarter plus one-half equals three-quarters.

What is half of 3 inches and three quarters?

Half of 3 inches and three quarters is 1 and 875 thousandths inches (1.875 in.)

What is a half and quarter called?

three quarters

What is a half add a quarter?


What is the diameter of a seven and a half inches circle?

7.5 inches!

How many inches is three and one-half?

Three and one half whats?

What is three quarters plus a half?

Three quarters plus a half is one and a quarter.

How long is the barrel for a Thompson m1a1?

I'm not taking it apart to find out however it is around 28 cm or 11 and a quarter inches even more taking into account the flash guard 6 and a half cm or 2 and three quarter inches.

How many inches is 7 and half feet?

90 inches: (7x12=84)+6

How many quarters do you have if you add one half and one quarter together?

three quarters. one half (two quarters) and one quarter = three quarters.

What is three quarter plus three quarter?

1 1/2

What is two and three quarters plus three and a half?

six and a quarter

How do you calculate a penny a dime a nickel a quarter and a half dollar in inches?

You may measure them in inches but you cannot calculate them in inches.

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