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Q: What is half of seven tenths as a fraction?
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What does three and one half plus four and three tenths equal?

seven and eight tenths. you have to change one half to five tenths and then add the whole numbers and then the fraction

How do you write five and seven tenths in fraction?

Five and seven tenths as a fraction would be 5 7/10.

What is the equivalent fraction for five tenths?

The equivalent fraction for five tenths is one half.

What fraction represents 2 and seven tenths in decimal?

2 and seven tenths in decimal = 2.7

Change 0.7 into a fraction?


Is seven-tenths a reduced fraction?


What is the fraction of two and three tenths plus one half?

Two and eight tenths.

What is seven tenths in word form?

It is already in word form as seven tenth or if you mean seven tenths then it is equivalent to 7/10 as a fraction

What is the biggest five tenths or seven tenths?

Seven tenths is larger. Out of ten fractions, 5 would only be half of the whole.

What fraction is the same as seven tenths?


What is 0.7 as fraction?

7/10 or seven tenths

What fraction is equivalent to seven tenths?


What is the fraction of 79.7?

its seventy nine and seven tenths

How do you write fourteen and seven-tenths as a fraction?


Seventy years is what fraction of a century?

Seven tenths !

What the improper fraction for 67 tenths?

Sixtyseven over ten. 67/10 is the improper fraction for sixty-seven tenths.

What is seven tenth equal to in a fraction?

seven-tenths is already a fraction = 7/10 as a decimal it is 0.7

What is a half plus a fifth?


What is three and seven tenths as a half?


What is on half added to seven tenths?


Is seven tenths closer to half or one?

one Second reply: Not so, half is five-tenths, one is ten-tenths...

What fraction is equivalent to two and seven tenths?


What is 0.7 converted into a fraction?

7/10 or seven tenths.

What is an equivalent fraction for seven tenths?

70 over 100

How do you write 7 tenths as a fraction?

that will be seven over 10