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Half of ten is 5.

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Q: What is half of ten?
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What is half past ten?

Half past ten is 30 minutes after 10 o'clock. (10:30)

How many half dollars in a ten dollar bill?

There are twenty half dollars in a ten dollar bill.

How many tenths are there in one and a half?

15. ten in one, half that in a half.

What is ten and one seventh rounded to the nearest half?

Ten and one seventh rounded to the nearest half is 10.

How many shillings in half a pound?

There are ten shillings in half a pound.

How many half cups in ten liters?

84.54 half-cups.

What is ten and one half times one and one half?


What is one half of ten?


What is a half of ten?

Five or 5

What time is it half an hour before eleven o' clock?

10:30ten-thirtyhalf-past ten

How long would it take a radioactive isotope to decay if it has a half life of 10 years?

A half life of 10 years means that in ten years it will have only half the radiation. Ten years later, it will have half of that half, etc.

What is half of 5 foot eight and a half?

It is two ft ten and a quarter.

What is half of 10 and 22?

Half of ten and 22 is 5 + 22 = 27.

What is ten and two thirds rounded to the nearest half?

10 and one half.

What number lies halfway between ten and a half and seventeen and a half?


What is 10 half of a million?

Well, ten halves of a million is five million. If you're wondering what's half of ten million, then it is also five million. If you're wonder what's a million times half of ten, it is also five million.

What is four times two and one-half?

four times two and one-half is ten

What is the half life of Actonel?

ten years

What is Half of a number equals ten?


What is half of ten million?

5 million

How much is ten and a half million?


How many feet are in 20yards?

ten in a half

What does 1 half of ten equal?


From half past eight to twenty to ten in the morning?

one hour and ten minuts

What is the level at which an organism gets its energy?

The level an organisms gets its energy is ten and a half years so the organism is still for ten and half years.