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Q: What is half of twenty six?
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If a third of six is three what would be half of twenty?

First of all, "a third of six" is not three, it is two...and half of twenty is ten. However, if by some mathematical gimmickry, a third of six were three then, by extension, half of twenty would be fifteen.

If a third of six is three then what would be half of twenty?


What is 53 divided by2?


If a third of six is three what is half of twenty?

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What is greater two and a half inches or twenty six inches?

26 inches

How many months are you when your twenty six weeks?

We average four weeks to make a month. That would make you six and half months pregnant.

How do you write six and one half as an improper fraction with the numerator twenty six?

6 1/2 = 13/2 = 26/4

Twenty six weeks is this part of a year?

half? Not sure it is half. it was a answer to one of my crossword puzzles for math.

What is Twenty six weeks on a year?

Twenty-six weeks is six months.

How long are newborn babies?

On average, twenty to twenty two inches but my little brother was only 18, but now he is 4 and a half and is three foot six so...

How do you say twenty to six in french?

'twenty to six' in french is 'vingt à six'

What is Twenty-Six in Spanish?

Twenty six in spanish is Veintiseis

How do you spell twenty six?

That is the correct spelling of the words "twenty six".

How do you spell twenty six in Spanish?

Twenty-six is veintiséis in Spanish.

What is the greatest common factor of 6 and26?

The factors of six are one, two, three, and six. The factors of twenty six are one, two, thirteen, and twenty six. Two is the only factor of six that is also a factor of twenty six besides one. Therefore, two is the greatest common factor of six and twenty six.

Why does the alphabet have twenty six letters?

The alphabet has twenty six letters because that is how the beginning English speaking people spoke, using twenty six letters.

How to write six hundred twenty six thousand twenty two?


How do you write twenty and six hundredths in decimal?

Twenty and six hundredths is 20.06

What is 426 in standard form?

four hundred twenty-six

How do you spell 26.26?

I would write it as: twenty-six, point, twenty-six

What is the decimal number for six and twenty-three twenty-fifths?

The decimal number for six and twenty-three twenty-fifths is 6.92

How do you write 0.620 in word form?

Six hundred twenty thousandths

How do you write four and twenty six hundredths?

4.26 is four and twenty-six hundredths.

How many pages does Twenty-Six - novel - have?

Twenty-Six - novel - has 388 pages.

What is half of twenty-five?

Half of twenty-five is 12 1/2 (12.5).