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Half of two fifths is 1/5

1/2 * 2/5 = 2/10 = 1/5

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Q: What is half of two fifths?
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Related questions

What is half of four-fifths?

Two-fifths.Half of four is two, so half of four-fifths is two-fifths.

Which is bigger 1 half or 2 fifths?

One half is bigger than two fifths because two fifths just before 2.5 fifths which is half.

What is twelve fifths minus one half?

Two and Two Fifths

Is two fifths more or less than one half?

One half is bigger then two fifths.

Is two fifths bigger than a half?

Nope... one half is bigger than two fifths.

What is half of 4 fifths?

Four-tenths, or two-fifths.

What is 5 and one half - 2 and two fifths?

5 and one half - 2 and two fifths = 3

What is half of two and three fifths?

half of two equals onehalf of two + three fifths = 1 3/5 = 1.6

What is 1and a half multiplied by 2 fifths?

one and a half multiplied by two fifths = 0.6

What is two and four fifths rounded to the nearest half?

Two and four fifths rounded to the nearest half is three (3).

Is three fifths bigger than a half?

Three fifths is bigger than one half. Two fifths is smaller than one half.

How many two- fifths are in 1?

two and a half

What is three fifths of two and one half?

1 and a half

Which is greater one half or two fifths?

one half is greater one half = 0.5 two fifths = 0.4 0.5 is bigger than 0.4

Is one half equal to two fifths?


How many halves make a fifths?

Two fifths of a half makes a fifth.

What is bigger one half two sevenths or two fifths?

One half is the biggest.

Is two fifths closer to one-half or one?

One half.

What is two fifths divided by 2?

Two fifths divided by 2 is just cutting two fifths in half. That equals one fifth.2/5 divided by 2 = 1/5

What is two fifths divided by five and a half?

4/55 (four fifty fifths)

What is one and a half divided by two-fifths?


What is the lcd for one half and two fifths?


Is two and one half larger than two and three fifths?


How many fifths are in two and a half?

Fifths doesn't go into 2 and 1/2 evenly. It would be about twelve fifths.

What fraction is greater than two fifths?

There are infinitely many fractions greater than two fifths; the most obvious answer would be three fifths. A half is also greater than two fifths.