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Q: What is half or part of something?
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What are math proportions?

The part of something or the ratio of something, like if a half of a jug is filled, the proportion filled is a half

When something is divided in two parts each part is called?

it is a half

How much is a half of a half?

Half would be 50% of something. So half of half would be 25% of something.

What are the meaning of fraction?

A fraction is a part of a whole of something. If a whole is 100%, and 50% is taken away, there remains 50% or a half.

What is having half and half?

In the UK, having half and half (in a pub) is having half a pint of bitter with half a pint of mild, or stout, in a pint glass. Or, it is having half of one thing with half of something else. For instance, in a restaurant, ordering half chips with half rice rather than a full portion of chips, as part of a main meal.

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again what fraction do you then get?

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again, you get the fraction of 1/4.

What is the opposite of part-time?

The opposite of part-time is full-time. Part-time means that you only work half of the time. Full-time means that you work the whole shift or something like that.

What is half but in a percentage?

50% is half of something.

Can you have half a cyborg?

a cyborg is a half, it is half of something mixed in with technology

What is half of 1.2ml?

To get one-half of something, you divide that something by 2.

What does part to part relationship mean?

Its kind of like a half half (50% 50%) relationship

What part of yard is 1 half?

That depends what it is a half of.