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Q: What is halfway between three eighths and one half?
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What fraction is halfway between one quarter and one half?

Three Eighths. 3/8, 3:8, three over eight.

How much is one half of three eighths?

Three eighths is the same as six sixteenths - half of six sixteenths is three sixteenths

What is seven eighths subtract one half?

three eighths

What is one half add three eighths?

Four eighths

What is half of three quarter?

three eighths

What fraction comes midway between one half and three quarters?

It is five eighths.

What is one and a half plus three eighths?

one and seven eighths

What number is halfway between 1 and a quarter and 1 in three quarters?

Halfway between one and a quarter and one and three quarters lies one and a half.

What is halfway between half a million and three quarters of a million?

It is: 625,000

What is half of six and three eighths?

Three and three sixteenths

What is three and three eighths in decimal form?

Three and three eighths in decimal is 3.375. A half is 0.5, a quarter is 0.25 and an eighth is 0.125, therefore three eighths is 0.375.

What is four and three eighths plus four and a half?

Eight and seven eighths.

What is one half of three fourths tablespoon?

One-half of three-fourths is three-eighths.

What is the number halfway between one quarter and one half?

three eights

What is one and three eighths minus one and seven eighths?

It is one negative half.

Is three eighths closer to one half or one?

one half

Is seven eighths more than one half and less than three quarters?

No. Seven eighths is more than one half AND three quarters.

What is half of seven and three quarter inches?

seven and three quarters = seven and six eighthsthree is half of sixleaving one and six eighths = 8/8 + 6/8 = 14/8so half of 14/8 = 7/8Answer: three and seven eighths

What fraction is exactly halfway between one half and three fourths?


What is half of 2 and three fourths?

1.375, or one and three eighths.

LCD for three eighths and one half?


What is half of 3 quarters?

To work this out you need to amend the fraction to one that can be halved.Three quarters is the same as six eighths, now you can work out the answer.Three eighths is half of three quarters.

What number is halfway between two and a half and three?

Two and three-quarters or 2.75 or 2 3/4

Is one half less than three eighths?

No. 1/2 = 4/8 is greater than three eighths.

What is the greater fraction 1 halves or three eights?

1 half is greater. This is because if you convert one half into eighths it = 4 eighths.