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11.5 is halfway between 8 and 15

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Q: What is halfway eight and fifteen?
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Eight and eight are fifteen or eight and eight is fifteen?

Eight and eight are not fifteen. Eight and eight are sixteen.

Which is correct Eight and eight are fifteen or eight and eight is fifteen?

Neither is correct. The nearest correct statement that can be constructed from anything close to the given materials is: "Eight and eight are sixteen."

What number is halfway between fifteen and thirty seven?


How do you spell 815?

The number "815" is expressed in words as "eight-hundred fifteen" or "eight-hundred and fifteen".

What is the eight multiple of fifteen?

the multiple of fifteen is 120 = 8x15=120

What number is between halfway fifteen and thirty-six?


How do you write 78215?

Seventy-eight thousand, two hundred fifteen.

What is fifteen minutes before eight?

That would be 7:45, or a quarter to eight.

How do you spell 215.38?

The number 215.38 is "two hundred fifteen and thirty-eight hundredths." It might be spoken as two hundred fifteen point three eight. The currency value $215.38 is "two hundred fifteen dollars and thirty-eight cents."

What is 15.87 in words?

The correct answer is fifteen and eighty-seven hundredths.

What is equal to fifteen over eight?


What is the LCM of three eight twelve and fifteen?


What is the decimal 15.800 in words?

Fifteen and eight tenths.

How do you write 815 in words?

Eight hundred fifteen.

How do you write eight and fifteen ten thousandths?


What is forty-eight divided by fifteen?


What is negative fifteen minus eight?

negative 23

How do you write fifteen thousand eight hundred?


How do you spell 815.00?

815.00 = Eight hundred and fifteen.

What is eight and fifteen hundredths in decimal form?


What is 815 036 000 in words?

Eight hundred fifteen million, thirty-six thousand.

How do you spell 15.80?

The numeral 15.80 is "fifteen and eighty hundredths" (equal to fifteen and eight tenths).In US currency, the amount is "fifteen dollars and eighty cents."

What is eight dollars and fifteen cents plus seven percent?

eight dollars and 72.05 cents

What is the lowest common denominator of eight twelve and fifteen?


How in stadard form do you write eight and fifteen thousandths?