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What is the heat generated by a typical fridge or freezer

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Q: What is heat generated in appliances?
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What is the purpose of heating generated in appliances?


What transfer the most energy appliances that provide heat energy or appliances that provide other forms of energy?

appliances that provide heat energy

What is generated when the sun's heat warms the earth unevenly?

Wind is generated

How much heat is generated in a nuclear fusion?

Heat generated in a nuclear fusion depends on the resistance of the plasma and the current.

Why is heat generated when methanol dissolves in water?

If heat is generated during a chemical process, this indicates that it is an exothermic reaction.

What does heatsink do?

Heat sink helps take out or dissipate the heat that gets generated from a device. If the heat that generated is not dissipated, it might burn out the device itself.

What is the heat and energy of a star is generated by?

The energy in a star is generated by nuclear fusion.

What is heat generation in a solid?

It means that heat is being generated (created).

Appliances which use electricity to produce heat?

Appliances which uses electricity to produce heat are heater, oven, hair dryer, electric iron, bread toaster, electric cooker and other modified appliances.

What is generated when current encounters resistance?


What most appliances produce which is wasted energy?


Why do some appliances produce more heat than others?

The heat produced by appliances is in direct relationship to the wattage that the appliance is rated at. W = A x V.

What is the conversion of electromagnetic energy into heat energy?

infrared ray from electromagnetic spectrum can creat heat directly ,heat is generated when photons are interact with matter. Due to vibration of molecules and electrons heat is generated.

What is the electrical conductivity of lithium?

it the level of heat....generated

What does energy generated on earth return to space as?


What are the physics of kissing?

the heat generated could not be quantified.

What is the energy generated in the Sun's core?

Heat energy.

What are the appliances which produce heat while working?

cooking stove

What appliances transfer heat by conduction?

stoves, ovens, and microwaves

What are some appliances that operate using heat transfer?


Which appliances heat up when electicity runs through them?


Where does the heat that warms your body come from?

The heat is generated by the body's metabolic processes, and the various reactions are regulated by the hypothalamus in the brain. Most of the heat is generated from the internal organs, about 16% by the brain itself.

What is the cost and the usage cost comparison between the gas and electronic heaters?

electric generated heat is 70% more expensive than gas generated heat .

Did accretinary collisions during Earth's formation cause heat loss?

No. They generated heat.

Why is heat generated when water is added to acid?

Heat is always released in exothermic reactions.