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the height will depend on local building codes' requirements and also what time of outlet (ground, countertop for kitchen and bath, and ceiling such as in garage doors). Typically wall outlets are 16 inches on center from the finish floor.

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Q: What is height of ac outlets?
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What type of current is used to power electrical outlets in the US?

AC, alternating current is used to power electrical outlets in the U.S..

What is the minimum height for electrical outlets?

There is no minimum height for electrical outlets. Some outlets are designed to be used on the floor. The average electrician will use 12" as a rule. This measurement can be to the top, middle or bottom of the outlet box. Sometime the customer will ask to have an outlet at a specific height to accommodate a special appliance or piece of equipment they might want to power.

Which type of current is used in batteries and which is used in household outlets?

Batteries provide Direct Current (DC) while household outlets provide Alternating Current (AC).

What is a prefix meaning height that beginnings with ac?


What is the maxium height for the ac 130?

30,000 ft

Do computers use AC or DC power?

Though computers plug into AC outlets, their power supplies convert that current to lower-voltage DC power for use internally.

Does England use ac or dc for power outlets?

No modern industrialised country uses d.c. power supplies.

Are there any electric outlets in an SUV to run a 110V equipment in it?

Some SUVs may have electical outlets. Almost any vehicle can have a DC/AC power inverter installed to run AC powered devices. Make sure the output is enough for what you want to run, and follow the manufacturers instructions when installing.

What is the difference between DC and AC current?

In DC, the electrons flow steadily in a single direction, or "forward." In AC, electrons keep switching directions, sometimes going "forwards" and then going "backwards." The power that comes from wall outlets is AC.

Physical difference between DC and AC motors?

Dc is an electrical term for direct current. Ac stands for alternating current. As you probably guessed a dc moter uses dc current and an ac moter uses ac current. P.S. Most home outlets use ac current.

Where can one find a cheap and efficient ac motor?

AC motors are available from a wide range of outlets. Emotorstore supplies a variety of ac motors to suit all budgets; alternatively surplussales specialises in small AC motors. The current 'best buy' rated by customers is the Baldor CL3507 General Purpose AC Motor, supplied by Amazon for $291.25.

Why does warm air come out of the AC outlets?

you are probably low on freon. take it to the garage and have them hook it up to a/c gauges to make sure

Does the AC outlets have a positive and negative terminals?

The side of the plug with the ground wire is or should be the negative and the side with just the center screws is the positive.

Is your ipod nano 220 volts or 110 volts?

An ipod nano is 110 volts. Why, because our regular outlets are 120 volts AC.

Do outlets in basements need to be a legal height?

There is no legal height. You can install them any height you want unless local codes call for something different. In a basement I would recommend what is commonly used which is around 13" to the bottom of the outlet box.

What is the collective noun for outlets?

The collective noun for retail outlets is a chain of outlets. The collective noun for electrical outlets is a bank of outlets.

What does AC mean in a height charts for Busch Gardens?

Must be accompanied by child to ride.

What is the correct height to hang a towel rack in the bathroom?

The standard height is 48 inches above the floor -- but take into consideration the heights of your family members and any furniture or electrical outlets that might be in the way.

In electric terms what do the abbreviations AC and DC mean?

Ac means alternating current, which means that the polarity is continuously changing. It's what you'll find in the outlets. DC means direct current, which means that the polarity remains the same. You get it from batteries.

What are some examples of a parallel circuit?

All of the electrical outlets in a house are in parallel across the electric company's AC service entry into the house.

What is the required height for exterior plugs?

There is no set Height. On porches I would recommend 13" to the bottom of the outlet box from the porch. On the side of the house I would recommend 24" to the bottom of the box above ground level. If the outlet is not on a covered porch it must have a bubble cover installed. If it is on a porch it must have a waterproof cover. All outside outlets must be GFCI outlets.

What type of current is used in batteries and which is used in household outlets?

In batteries Direct current is used (DC). This is because Batteries do not last very long and therefore are made to have certain voltage that can be used in most electronics. Batteries can be very hazardous if there is a short circuit that occurs. In households the outlets are a form of Alternating current (AC). This is because AC is easier to use and has no big hazards (unless you stick a fork in the socket). If some of the outlets give out (die or burn out) the rest of the remaining sockets in that same area will still work.

What is the ideal height at which window AC should be installed?

3 - 4 feet above the floor

Should the AC turn on when the center heater and air conditioner control is turned to the right from OFF position to dash and floor outlets position on a 1996 Mercury Sable?

yes on thoes cars and most cars the ac kicks on to circulate the heat for the defroster

How can you convert ac generator in to dc generator?

The two are different machines, but you can connect diodes on the output of an ac generator to produce dc, that's what happens in alternators for cars. A car alternator is a 3-phase ac generator, and you have six diodes. From each of the three phase outlets you have one diode to the positive rail and one to the negative.