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Q: What is hypotatic and paratactic relation?
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What has the author Richard Sewell written?

Richard Sewell has written: 'In the Theatre of Dionysos' 'Paratactic images'

What is the different kinds of relation?

good relation, bad relation... also known as suck relation. fun relation, sex relation, happy relation, blood relation.

What is the domain of the inverse of a relation?

The domain of the inverse of a relation is the range of the relation. Similarly, the range of the inverse of a relation is the domain of the relation.

A sentence with the word relation?

In relation to this, what do you think about it?Is she a relation?

Is the relation a function?

Not every relation is a function. But every function is a relation. Function is just a part of relation.

What is an anagram for relation?


Is it bares no relation or bears no relation?

The correct term is "bears no relation".

What is the Difference between relation schema and relation instance?

difference between relation sehema and relation instance in dbms

Can you have a function that is not a relation?

No, a function must be a relation although a relation need not be a functions.

What do you mean by degree of relation in relational data base management system?

The degree of a relation is the number of attributes the relation has in it.The degree of a relation can be zero or more integer. An n-ary relation is a relation in which its degree is n in turn a relation of n attribute(s).

Do you say in relation to or relations to?

In relation.

Is in relation to or in relation with?

"In relation to" -- things are related "to" other things not with them.