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I have never heard of *"indefinite set" but an infinite sat is a set which had infinite members.

An example of an Infinite Set is:

the set of Natural Numbers

{1, 2, 3, ...}

there are also undefined sets...

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Q: What is indefinite set with example?
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Examples of indefinite noun?

Indefinite noun example

Can when get in front of an indefinite pronoun?

Yes, 'when' can be used in front of an indefinite pronoun. For example 'When everything...', 'When anyone...', or 'When others...'.

What are example of percussion instrument that indefinite pitch?

Snare drum

What is an example of an indefinite article?

a, an, some (as opposed to definite articles like 'the')

Example of indefinite noun with sentence?

An 'indefinite noun' is a word for a person thing that is not specific.Example sentence:An owner must take responsibility for the needs of a pet.

What is the correct indefinite article for the noun chemise?

The correct indefinite article is a chemise.The indefinite article 'a' is used before a word beginning with a consonant sound. The noun 'chemise' begins with a consonant sound (ch).The indefinite article 'an' is used before a word beginning with a vowel sound, for example an indigochemise.

How is nobody used in this sentece Nobody knows the answer the that question relative pronoun third person pronoun interrogative pronoun indefinite pronoun?

In the example sentence, 'Nobody' is an indefinite pronoun.

What is the indefinite integral?

An indefinite integral is a version of an integral that, unlike a definite integral, returns an expression instead of a number. The general form of a definite integral is: ∫ba f(x) dx. The general form of an indefinite integral is: ∫ f(x) dx. An example of a definite integral is: ∫20 x2 dx. An example of an indefinite integral is: ∫ x2 dx In the definite case, the answer is 23/3 - 03/3 = 8/3. In the indefinite case, the answer is x3/3 + C, where C is an arbitrary constant.

Why do indefinite pronoun cause problem for students?

It can cause a problem for students to determine if an indefinite pronoun is singular or plural.An indefinite pronoun may be singular or plural, or may function as either singular or plural.The singular indefinite pronouns are:anotheranybodyanyoneanythingeacheitherenougheverybodyeveryoneeverythinglesslittlemuchneithernobodyno onenothingoneothersomebodysomeonesomethingyou (a person in general, any person)The plural indefinite pronouns are:bothfewfewermanyothersseveralthey (people in general, any people)The indefinite pronouns that can be used as singular or plural are:allanymoremostnonesomesuchAnother problem with indefinite pronouns that students may encounter is that the pronouns listed here can function as other parts of speech; for example,You may have some, there is more in the kitchen. (indefinite pronoun)You may have some pancakes, there is more in the kitchen. (adjective)In the first example, the word 'some' is taking the place of the noun for whatever is being offered. In the second example, the word 'some' is functioning as an adjective, describing an amount of pancakes.

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Yes they do set a bad example

What is an example of pronoun-antecedent agreement with indefinite pronouns?

Each of the members of the team has his own locker.

What are the examples of present indefinite negative tense?

Do you mean indicative? If you do, then an example is I do not see anyone here.

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