What is independent variables?

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The independent variable is the one you control or the one you are using to predict the value of other related variables. Dependent variables assume their values depending on the value of the independent variable.

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Q: What is independent variables?
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Independent and dependant variables?

No, Independent and Dependent variables

What is the differecnce between independent variables and dependent variables?

Every time the independent variables change, the dependent variables change.Dependent variables cannot change if the independent variables didn't change.

How does independent and dependent variables differ?

Independent variables are always consistent, whereas dependent variables are dependent upon what the independent variable is.

The difference between the independent and dependent variables?

Independent variables are variables that can be changed in an experiment, while dependent variables are variables that change as a result of an experiment. In other words, independent variables are what you change, and dependent variables are the results of the experiment.

Independent and dependent are types of what?

Independent and dependent are types of variables. These variables are used mostly in science and math. When using independent variables you can control them dependent variables you cannot.

Independent variables and dependent variables on a pendulum?

it is....

What is an Independent Variable and a dependant variable?

Independent variables, such as time, are not affected by other variables. Dependent variables change in value when the independent variable changes.

Is it easier to control dependent variables than independent variables in a scientific experiment?

It is easier to control independent variables

The independent variable is plotted on what axis?

It depends on the number of variables and their nature: 2 variables, both independent: either axis 2 variables, one independent: x-axis 3 variables, all independent: any axis 3 variables, 2 independent: x or y-axis. 3 variables, 1 independent: x-axis. and so on.

What does experimental variables mean?

the independent variable: independent of changes in the values of other variables

How many independent variables do you test at a time?

you test 5 independent variables at a time

How do the independent and dependent variables in an experiment compare?

the independent variable controls the dependent variables

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