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It is still infinity.

If you add an infinite number plus a finite number, you get the same infinite number.

If you multiply an infinite number times a finite number, you get the same infinite number.

If you raise an infinite number to a finite power, you get the same infinite number.

For example, aleph-zero squared is still aleph-zero.

If you raise two (or a higher finite number) to an infinite power, you get a larger infinite number. To say it another way, the infinite number must be in the exponent, to get a larger infinity. For example, two to the power aleph-zero is equal to aleph-one; two to the power aleph-one is equal to aleph-two, etc.

Read the Wikipedia article on "Aleph number" for more details.

Also note that "infinity" has different meanings in different contexts, even if you concentrate only on mathematical meanings (as opposed to philosophical meanings, for example). I therefore suggest you also read articles about "Infinity", for example, at

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Q: What is infinity squared times two?
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