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Establishing a communication between 2 or more end systems, so that they can transfer the data is known as Integration.

Types of integrations are:

1) Process based integration

2) Bulk data based integration

Styles of integrations are:

1) File based integration

2) Data based integration

3) Message based integration

4) RPC based integration



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Q: What is integration explain different type of integration?
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Where can one find information about Integration?

This will depend largely on the type of integration you are referring to. However, your local library will have enough materials to have information on any type of integration.

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A: very large scale integration buzz word

Is segregation and integration synonym words?

No, segregation and integration are not synonymous. Segregation refers to the separation of different groups, often based on race or ethnicity, while integration involves the process of combining or bringing different groups together in society.

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Integration, which is the opposite of segregation.

Are summation and integration are same?

Integration uses a summation in the definition of the definite integral, so they are not the same, but they are related. They both yield a type of sum, or area (in the case of integration).

What Horizontal integration differs from vertical integration in that it?

combines different businesses involved in all phases of a product’s development

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Integration is the act of bringing together different races peacefully.

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Different types of supplier relationship strategies?

the different type of supplier relationship strategy includes: 1. Adversarial or 'Arm Length' relationship 2. Collaborative relationship 3. Partnership 4. Integration 5. codestiny

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fallibility, or dishonesty

The term integration refers to the ability to?

Integration is one of the most useful features of current software packages. It refers to the ability to place information created in one type of application into a document created with another type of application.

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Vertical - Expansion of a business by buying out suppliers of commodities (required to create your product)Horizontal - Expansion of a business by buying out competition (who create a similar product)