What is inversly proportional?

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x is inversely proportional to y when x = 1/y.

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Q: What is inversly proportional?
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What is the relation between current and temperature?

inversly proportional

What is the Relation between temperature and current?

inversly proportional

Acceleration is directly proportional or inversly proportional or relatively proportional force?

Directly proportional, since the higher the force the higher the acceleration for a given mass

What is the connection between marginal returns and variable costs?

they are usually inversly proportional

What is relation between thermal conductivity and viscosity?

inversly proportional to each other

How is gravity affected by the mass of an object?

gravity is directly proportional to the product of any two masses and inversly proportional to the square of distance between them.

State the law formulated by george Simon ohm relate current to voltage and resistance?

current flow is proportional to the voltage and inversly proportional to the resistance

Torsional rigidity of a solid circular shaft of diameter d is proportional to?

inversly proportioal to cube of diameter

Relation between voltage speed and current in alternating current motor?

voltage is inversly proportional to speed speed and current are directly proportional to each other but voltage and current are directly proportional to each other..

Why in case of high strength concrete you are getting step snoop of curve after cracking of concrete?

gravitation is inversly proportional to weaight

Is acceleration directly proportional to mass or is it inversly proportional to mass?

Depends what u mean by that. If it is free falling it would obviously be accelerating at 9.8m/s^2. If there is an incline then it depends. I believe acceleration is directly proportional to velocity though.

Is pressure inversely proportional with temperature and volume?

Pressure is usually inversly proportional to volume, but proportional to temperature. All other things being equal, higher temperatures result in higher pressure, wheras higher volumes result in lower pressure.

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