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Organisation in planning weddings

As a wedding planner, I specialise in Destination Weddings. Planning a wedding 1000 miles away isn't as hard as you think, you just need to be very organised.

Before you complete and email/send any correspondance you need to make sure that you cover every single point and be very clear about what you want and don't want. The more correspondence you have the more likely there will be mistakes. If emailing always include the original email with your response. Always make sure that you get confirmation of all changes and all decisions.

Nearer the time reconfirm everything. Try to build a good rapport with the venue owners and other suppliers that you've hired and then make sure that they will be working on your wedding day.

You could try to hire a wedding planner in the area, who will step in a week or two before your wedding day (if you will still be away from the area) and reconfirm and visit your venue and suppliers to make sure that it is exactly as you have planned.

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Q: What is involved in planning a wedding from 1000 miles away from the site?
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