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Q: What is ironic about the lines above?
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Why are macduffs lines 5-9 ironic?

[object Object]

What is ironic about Capulets praise of Friar Laurence?

Please specify which lines you are referring to.

Why a fixed magnet attract a iornic objects eventhough magneticfield doesn't do any work?

Iron has a very high permeability. So it lets maximum number of Magnetic lines of force to pass through it. The closer is the ironic conductor to the magnet, more is the number of lines of force passing through the ironic object. That is why the magnet attracts the ironic object.

Is it ironic that the song Isn't it Ironic isn't actually ironic?

No (that was ironic).

What do the lines above the best fit line represent?

The lines above represent nothing other than invisibility!

What does two dots above two horizontal lines above two vertical lines mean medically?

Two dots above two horizontal lines above two vertical lines simply means "2," as in ii tabs daily. It is most often used on handwritten prescriptions.

What is ironic about roderigo's response to this news in act 2 scene 1 lines 248-249?

he doesnt care about whats goin on

The fracture pattern of glass usually has?

directional lines 
radial and concentric lines 
 Concentric lines 
radial lines 
none of the above

Which of the above lines appear to be neither perpendicular nor parallel?

You may have neglected to copy something else that goes with the question, as there are no "above lines".

Which of the above lines appear to be perpendicular?

None of them.

What line never intersect?

parallel lines = a set of parallel lines above

Jim and Della give each other gifts This leads to an ironic, unexpected ending, which creates an allegory about generosity?

None of the above.