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The way to write that is 2X+5

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2010-03-14 23:47:48
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Q: What is is five added to the product of a number and 2?
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Five times a number is the same as the number added to five. What is the number?

1, 2, 3, 4 , 5

What is five less than the product of -3 and a number is -2?


A number is multipled by 3 if 2 is added to the product you get -4 what is the number?

(N x 3)+2 = -43N = -6N = -2

A number is multiplied by 3 if 2 is added to the product you get -4 what is the number?

-2 times 3 is -6 and add 2 you get -4

A number is multiplied by 3 and then 4 is subtracted from the product then 2 us added to the difference if the result is 16 what is the number?

The number that when multiplied by 3, then 4 is subtracted and 2 added and the answer is 16 would be 6 .

Express 2n plus 6 in words?

"The product of 2 times a number added to 6."

What is the product of the square of a number and five?

Let the number be X.The square of the number will be X^2 (^2: this just means the X is squared, or X to the exponent of 2)then you will just put your X^2 and multiply if by five.5*X^2

A number is multiplied by 3 if 2 is added to the product you will get -4 so whats the number?

Let the number be n. Then 3n + 2 = -4 3n = -6 n = -3

A 2 digit number with 2 different digits has a special property When the sum of the digits added to the product of it's digits the result is the number itself What is the smallest number with?


How is four on the middle of five?

well 5 is an odd number there for 2 numbers can't be added to make odd numbers so 4 is the closest number to five so we use it as the middle number for five :D

The product of 8 and a number then added to 5 is 3 less than the product of 4 and the same number?

8x + 8 = 4x 4x + 8 = 0 4x = -8 x = -2

Why did miachel Jordan choose number 23 for his signature number?

Because he was five years old when he started playing basketball and the number 23 when added together gives you five (2 + 3 = 5)

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