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A square pyramid's base is a square. You can tell by the name (for exp. a triangular pyramid's base is a triangle.)

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Q: What is is the base face of a square pyramid?
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Are all faces of a square pyramid triangles?

4 faces are triangles and 1 face is a square the square face is the base of the pyramid

What 3d shape has 1 rectangular face?

square base pyramid

How do you find the base of a square pyramid when you only have the volume and height?

The base of a square pyramid is the only face that is a square - all the others are triangular in shape. So you do not need any measurements to determine which is the base.

What is the base of a square pyramid?

The base of a square pyramid is a square. The pyramid has 4 faces making the base have four edges. SQUARE PYRAMID

Is a square the face opposite of a base of a pyramid?

A square based pyramid has 4 triangular faces which means it has a total of 5 faces

What has one square face and four triangle faces?

A square pyramid! The base of the pyramid is a square and it has four trianglular faces that meet at the vertex of the pyramid.pyramid

How many faces and edges does a square pyramid have?

A square pyramid, or square-based pyramid, has 5 faces and 8 edges. One face forms the square base, and there are four triangular faces.

Does a triangular pyramid or a rectangular pyramid have a square base?

Neither a triangular nor a rectangular pyramid has a square base. A square pyramid has a square base.

How many face does a square pyramid have?

5because it has one in the base (down) and 4 aroundA square pyramid has 5 faces.5

What is the area of a triangular face of a square pyramid with a base area of 16 cm?

You did not give the height of the pyramid and 16 cm is not an area, but the area of the face would be one half the face height of the side of the pyramid times the length of the base side.

Are all the angles of each face of a pyramid equal?

The only pyramid with a square base that has equilateral faces, is one where the diagonal of the base is exactly twice as long as the pyramid is high.

How many lateral faces does a square pyramid have?

Lateral faces are the number of faces excluding the base. Since the square is the base, the other 4 sides will each be touching a lateral face to form a square pyramid (or it wont be a pyramid). So, there are 4.