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the strongest mineral is the diamond, actually the strongest mineral is the quartz and the strongest rock is diamond

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A Diamond is the strongest mineral.

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Q: What is is the strongest mineral?
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Is indium the strongest mineral?

No, maybe for elements but not for minerals, the strongest mineral is diamond.

What is the hardest or strongest mineral?

Diamonds are the hardest mineral, but not the 'strongest'.

What was the strongest mineral in the middle ages?

I have been thinking about this and I think granite would be the strongest mineral used in this time.

Is diamond the strongest non-metal known to man?

Original answer: yes-it is the strongest substance on earthYes, diamond is the strongest Natural substance on earth, but it is not nearly the strongest substance of all, and diamond is a mineral... not a metal... there are other ores such as titanium and tungsten that can be strengthened to become thousands of times stronger than diamond.

What is the strongest material?

It is Carbonne, a mineral made from a mega meteoroid, steel and silk.

What type of diamond is the strongest mineral?

All types of diamonds are the hardest mineral. Strong is not a word typically associated with inanimate objects.

Is titanium the strongest mineral?

No. Titanium is not a mineral, it is a metal that can be smelted from such minerals as rutile and ilmenite. Titanium is not the strongest metal, either. The reason that it is named "titanium" is that it has a very high ratio of strength to density: it is about as strong as some steels but 45% lighter.

Are diamonds the strongest thing known in nature?

Diamonds are the hardest natural mineral. 'Strong' may have other implications that are not normally associated with diamonds.

Are rubies the strongest minerals?

Yes, ruby is the red gem variety of a mineral called corundum, an aluminum oxide. Interestingly enough, sapphire is also nothing but a trade name for corundum, and it's not just blue, it's found in a wide range of colors.

Which is the strongest and hardest between marble dolerite clay and siltstone?

The strongest and hardest between marble, dolerite, clay, and siltstone is marble. It is considered to be a mineral that is very hard and strong. It can hold up better to the elements than the other three.

What is more powerful than a sapphire?

A Diamond, diamonds are the strongest living mineral known to mankind capable of cutting through every material known including itself.

Why is the calcaneum bone significant?

The calcaneus, or heel, is the strongest bone in the body. Thanks to the density and resistance to forces of standing, walking, and running. Often the femur is considered the strongest because of size and flexible properties.