What is isosceles angels?

Updated: 10/12/2022
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An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two equal sides. The two angels opposite the equal sides are equal angels.

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Q: What is isosceles angels?
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How many equal angels are there in an isosceles triangle?


A triangle with two congruent sides and angels?

isosceles triangle

What shape has two equal sides and two equal angels?


How many angels does an isosceles triangle have?

All triangles have three angles.

The equal angles of an isosceles triangle?

To find the equal angels, base angles, of an isosceles triangle and you know the vertex angle, 180-vertex angle and then divide by two.

This sort of triangle has has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angels with i at the beginning?

An isosceles triangle.

What angels are there in an isosceles?

In a isosceles triangle, all angles are less than 90 degrees and therefore they are acute angles. Two angles on the opposite side of each other are equal angles.

What are the three angels of a tryangle?

The three angles of a triangle is as a result of these three types of a triangle: equilateral, isosceles and scalene.

What is the name of a triangle that has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angels and the third angle obtuse?

The triangle is an isosceles triangle.

How do you figure the sum of angels of an isosceles trapezoid without a protractor?

The sum of all the interior angles of any trapezoid is 360 degrees.

What quadrilateral has two angles of 60 degrees each and two angels 120 degrees and each side is the same length?

An isosceles trapezoid

A shape has no right angels it has 4 straight side 2 parallel lines what is the name of the shape?

It is a trapezoid. If the 2 nonparallel sides are congruent, then it is an isosceles trapezoid.