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Order of Operations

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Q: What is it called to carry out math operations in the correct order or substitute a value for a variable and solve an expression?
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Related questions

How do you evaluate a math expression?

The evaluate a algebraic math expression you first must substitute a number for each variable. Then you must perform the operation in the correct order.

How do you evaluate an expression with more than two operation symbol without exponent and parenthesis?

In Evaluating Expression first,replace each letter in the expression with the assigned value. second,perform the operations in the expression using the correct order of operations and the last you got the answer

Why mathematicians had to agree on an order of operations to be used to simplify a numerical expression?

It has nothing to do with agreement or negotiation. There's only one order of operations that leads to the correct outcome.

What is the definition of algebraic expression?

Here is the correct defenition: Algebraic Expression is an expression which is obtained by performing a finite number of the following operations on symbols representing numbers: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, raising to a power.

What Order of operations is defined as?

The order of operations is a rule that tells the correct sequence of steps for evaluating a math expression. We can remember the order using PEMDAS: Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication and Division (from left to right), Addition and Subtraction (from left to right).

When writing an algebraic expression do you write the coefficients with the highest value first example 7x plus 3y or is 3y plus 7x also correct?

It is correct to write it any way you like. However, when dealing with equations it is usual to give the dependent variable (usually y) first; if it is unknown which variable is the dependent one (or for any general expression), they are usually written in alphabetical order.

How do you simplify numerical expression?

You carry out all the mathematical operations, remembering to do them in the correct order. The order, depending on your country/school, may be: PIDMAS/ BODMAS/ BIDMAS.

Which is the right to say substitute oil for butter or substitute oil with butter?

Both are correct, you can say substitute for or substitute with.

Why did mathematicians have to agree on an order of operation to be used to simplify a numerical expression?

It has nothing to do with agreement or negotiation. There's only one order of operations that leads to the correct outcome.

Is the expression Me either correct?

The correct is *me neither* .

What is an algebraic expression for 3 times x squared minus 4 times x?

The following answer is based on the correct order of operations. If you meant something different, please alter your question accordingly. 3x^2 -4x

Whats the right expression repent for or repent of?

The correct expression is Repent of.

Is the expression discuss about correct?

"Discuss about" is incorrect. "Discuss" is correct.

A is a number a variable or a product of a number and a variable?

The correct answer is Monomial , but you can say Term

Ranger wants to verify that the expression8x โ€“ 20 is the correct simplified expression for 4(2x โ€“ 5). Explain how to verify the simplified expression?

Sample Answer: To verify, a number needs to be substituted for x in both expressions. Use order of operations to simplify and find the value. The value needs to be the same for both expressions to prove equivalence.

Belie her utter terror Natalie maintained a calm expression Is this correct?

No, Belying her utter terror, Natalie maintained a calm expression is correct.

When doing algebraic expression do you put the letter first?

Well if your question is about individual terms then the answer is no. A term in a polynomial always has coefficients listed before the variable (i.e. 3x). But if you're asking about terms within an expression, then it doesn't matter. It would be correct to write y=x-5 or y=(-5)+x.

What is a measurable variable?

responding variable is the correct term. It mean a respond form what you manipulated.

Which is a more correct sentence. Is it 'The love of humanity drives our operations' or 'The love for humanity drives our operations'?

the love of humanity drives our operations

What is a catagoric variable?

The correct term and spelling is categorical variable. A categorical variable is a variable that has two or more categories with no essential ordering to the categories they have. They are also referred to as a nominal variable or enumerated types.

What does a constant do in c plus plus?

A constant is a variable that does not change. The correct term is constant variable.

When a denominator is zero is the expression undefined?

That is correct.

Did he ask her out or him ask her out?

Did he ask her is the correct expression.

What is the correct simplification of the expression b5 x b4?

It is: 20b2

Is matrimonial bio-data correct word?

It's a correct English phrase or expression.