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Q: What is it called to look at something from a distance?
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What is the size of something as given by the distance around it?

The distance around an object is called its perimeter. ------------------------------------------------- Or if it is a circle its circumference.

What are pictures called when they look like but look like something else?

It is called an optic illution .it is your brain who conditions it like you see it.

Why would a guy only look or stare at you from a distance but either look to the front or down when he's near you?

It's called shyness

What is An objective shot that shows a character looking at something off screen is called look of outward regard?

It is called a "look of outward regard."

What were hides and rods in the doomsdaybook they were to do with measuring?

I no its something called look somwhere else

What are the pictures called that when you look at them for thirty seconds then look at a blank wall you see something different?

optical illutions

Why does camera lens get wider when they are longer?

Basically, so they can gather more light for when you are photographing something at a great distance. Otherwise "telephoto" (long distance) shots would look "dark".

What to look for when buying a mirror?

While seeing at the mirror from a distance be sure that you image should be very clear not like liquifyed or something...

How do you find literature of the psychological construct of optimism?

Look in the psychoneuroimmunology literature and look under something called "positive psychology."

What is it called when you find something scary or gross but can't look away?

Fascination is the word you are looking for.

Why do the land and sky look like meeting at a distance?

when you see this you are looking at something called the horizon line, this happens mostly and sunrise and sunset, I learnt that in art! As far as I know there is no reason why this happens, but if anyone knows a reason it would be good to find out.

How does distance and time affect the speed at which something travels?

Because distance/time = the speed at which something travels.