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i don't think that it has a special name , i think it just reflects the light .

however if heat reflects on a shiny surface this is called reflective radiation.

hope this helps *)

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The phenomenon of light reflecting off the surface of a metal is called specular reflection. This occurs when light rays bounce off the smooth surface of the metal at the same angle they hit it, producing a clear and focused reflection.

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Q: What is it called when light reflects off the surface of a metal?
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Does light reflect off the surface of metal?

Yes, light can reflect off the surface of metal due to its shiny and smooth properties. This reflection is what gives metal its characteristic luster and brightness.

Why metal surface shine?

because it is very smooth therefore it reflects the light

How does light interact with shiny metal?

It reflects the light, that is how the surface seems shiny.When light hits a shiny surface it is reflected and is sometimes bent.

What islusture of metal?

if you mean "luster" then it is the way that a rock or mineral reflects light off of its surface.

What happens when a ray of light hits metal?

It reflects off it. If the surface is smooth you get an orderly reflection, if rough then a random scatter of light.

What is The shiny appearance of metal called?

The shiny appearance of metal is called luster. It refers to the way light reflects off the surface of the metal, giving it a bright and reflective quality.

What object reflects light?

The best things to use are metallic and shiny due to the way light bounces of the object.

Why does a metal crown shine when light is on it?

Because the crown reflects light

What are the two sets of reflections involved when you see yourself in a mirror?

In conventional mirrors a reflective layer of metal is applied to the back surface of plate glass. Light reflects a little off the front surface of glass, then mainly off the metal at the back surface.

What sort of object does not reflects light well?


Why does a metal ring look shiny?

it reflects light

What is an object that reflects light?

A mirror is an object that reflects light by bouncing it back in a predictable manner.