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It is called my Anus becuause i put my hand up my dogs and it was very perpendicular

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Q: What is it called when two perpendicular number lines defined by the position of a point on a plane?
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What are the lines called that are perpendicular to a parallel line?

'two perpendicular number lines are called'Special:Search

What do you call two perpendicular number lines?

2 perpendicular lines are called 2 pwrpendicular lines it is sorry <:(

What is perpendicular of negative eight?

A number cannot have a perpendicular!

What is the rectangular coordinate system is formed by two perpendicular number lines called?

axis i am pretty sure sorry if i am wrong

What are 2 perpendicular number lines in a system coordinate called?

They are the horizontal x axis and the vertical y axis that are perpendicular to each other on the Cartesian plane whereas the point of origin is at (0, 0)

A plane formed by two intersecting and perpendicular number lines are called?

It is the Cartesian plane created by the French mathematician Rene Descartes

When you cross two number lines that are perpendicular?

Perpendicular lines cross each other at right angles

Parts of the cartesian coordinate system?

It has a horizontal number line called the x axis It has a vertical number line called the y axis Both axes are perpendicular to each other and meet at the origin Graphs can be plotted on it

What are Characteristics of coordinate grid?

It has an horizontal number line called the x axis and a vertical number line called the y axis and both axes are perpendicular to each other intersecting at the point of origin at (0, 0)

How many perpendicular lines are there in a diamond?

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, which determine the number of perpendicular lines (assuming you are referring to the edges as the lines) so there is no one number of lines or perpendicular lines on a diamond.

What is a pair of number that represent the position of a point?

It's called a set of "coordinates".

Write an equation of the line that is perpendicular to x equals -3?

"Y = any number" is perpendicular to "x = -3".