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In math terms, it means to prove your answer and make sure it is right.

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Q: What is justify response?
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No. Sqrt(-4) contains a radical but it not irrational; it is imaginary.

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Prefix for justify

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You need to justify that statement.

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how do terrorist justify their actions?

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Please make sure to justify your answer

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On my math test they asked me to justify my answer.

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how do you justify the selected text

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Oh come on.In order to Justify a book you have to read over it to justify make sure you are right.Prove It

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The past tense of justify is justified.

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I can give you several sentences.He tried to think of an excuse to justify his bad behavior.Can you justify that action?"Justify me; open my mind to the things I can be." (from the Nate James song "Justify Me")suzan had to justify the amount of time she would give me for the test

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Laws are laws and we dont have to justify them.

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Justify the intricacies of a protem intelligence report?

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