What is lanthanum atomic mass?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Im not sure about the Atomic Mass bit but Lanthanum is a silvery white, malleable, ductile, and soft rare-earth metal xx

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Q: What is lanthanum atomic mass?
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What is the atomic mass of the element Lanthanum?

138.90547 amu

What has more mass 100 hydrogen atoms 4 sulfur atoms or 1 lanthanum atom?

100 Hydrogen atoms have an atomic mass of 100.794, 4 Sulfur atoms have an atomic mass of 128.26, and 1 Lanthanum atom has an atomic mass of 138.90547.

What is the atomic number of lanthanum?

Lanthanum, with the chemical symbol La, is the chemical element with the atomic number 57.

What is lanthanum's atomic radius?

187 picometers.

What are facts about the element lead?

Symbol: Pb Atomic Number: 82 Relative Atomic Mass: 207.2 amu Discovery: lead has been known since ancient times

How many neutrons down lanthanum-141 have in its nucleus?

Lanthanum's atomic number is 57 thus it has 57 protons, the number of protons an atom has is equal to the atomic weight, in this case 141 minus the number of protons or 57 so, 141-57=84 Lanthanum-141 has 84 neutrons.

What is the Inner transition metal with lowest atomic number?

This element is lanthanum.

What does lanthanum mean?

It is a metal with the symbol La its atomic number is 57. Its color is silver white.

What element from the periodic table has the atomic number fifty seven?

Lanthanum See Related Link

What series are called elements 57 to 70?

Elements from atomic number 57 (Lanthanum) to 71 (Lutetium) are called the Lanthanides. Lanthanide means "like Lanthanum" and so, the Lanthanides are based on Lanthanum. Only one of the Lanthanides is radioactive: Promethium (Pm - No. 61)

What is bigger the atomic mass or atomic number?

Atomic no.=no. of protons Atomic mass=no. of protons+no. of neutrons Hence, atomic mass is greater

What is the atomic mass-?

The atomic mass is the mass of a molecule, atomic particle or sub-atomic particle.