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1 centimeter is larger

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Q: What is larger 1 centimetre or 1 millimetre?
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How many times larger is a centimeter then milometer?

A centimetre is ten times larger than a millimetre. Note, there are ten millimetres in a centimetre.

Is a centimetre smaller than a millimeter?

There are 10 millimetres in one centimetre. Therefore, a centimetre is ten times larger than a millimetre.

One cubic centimeter equals how many cubic millimeters?

There are 1,000 cubic millimeters in one cubic centimeter.1 cubic centimetre = 1 centimetre x 1 centimetre x 1 centimetre= 10 millimetre x 10 millimetre x 10 millimetre= 1,000 cubic millimetres.

How many centimeter is 1 millimeter?

10 millimetres = 1 centimetre so 1 millimetre = 0.1 centimetre.

How big is a millimeter in centimeters?

A millimetre is 1/10 of a centimetre.

How many cenimenters are in millameters?

1 millimetre = 0.1 centimetre.

What does mm in math stand for?

A millimetre. (1/10 of a centimetre)

What are 4 conversion factors?

Millimetre to centimetre = 0.1 Centimetre to metre = 0.01 Millimetre to metre = 0.001 Metre to centimetre = 100

How much is a millimeter to a centimeter?

a millimetre is 1/10 (one tenth) of a centimetre. That is to say that 1 centimetre is 10 millimetres.

What is 1 millimeter as a fraction of 1 centimeter?

One millimetre is one tenth of a centimetre. There are 10 millimetres in one centimetre.

How many centimeters are there in 1millimeters?

A millimetre is 1/10th of a centimetre ie. it is smaller than a centimetre. There are 10 millimetres in 1 centimetre and 1 thousand millimetres in a metre.

What is the smallest unit on a meter stick?

a MILLIMETRE is the answer. There are 1000 mm in 1 Metre ALSO 10 millimetre (mm) equals 1 Centimetre

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