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3.4 cm

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Q: What is larger 3.4 centimeters or 30mm?
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How do you convert 30mm to centimeters?

to convert 30mm into cm multiply the 30mm by 10. this is because there are 10mm to a cm.

How much is 3 centimeters in millimeters?


Three centimeters equals how many millimeters?

3 centimeters=30 millimeters

What is larger 3.4 or 30mm?

30mmType your answer here...

How much cm is 3?

30mm 3 centimeters = 1.18110236 inches

Which is longer 3.4cm or 30mm?

3.4 centimeters! oh yah! im right!

How many millimeters are there in 34 centimeters?

There are 340 millimeters in 34 centimeters.

How many centimeters is .34 kilometers?

.34 kilometers=34,000 centimeters

How many meters is 34 kilometers?

There are 3,400 centimeters in 34 meters. 34 meters x 100 centimeters/1 meter = 3,400 centimeters 1 meter = 100 centimeters

How many millimeters are there in centimeters?

10mm=1cm 20mm=2cm 30mm=3cm get it ? the list goes on .

Is 5 centimeters greater than 30 millimeters?

1mm=0.1cm, therefore 30mm=3cm. 3cm is less than 5cm so 5cm is indeed greater than 30mm.

Is 3.4cm larger than 30mm?

Yes, because 3.4cm is equal 34mm.