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a decametre is 10 metres

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What is larger 1 meter or decameter?

a decameter

Which unit is larger decimeter or decameter?


Is a decameter bigger then a meter?

A decameter is 10 times larger than a meter. A decameter is 10 meters.

Which is larger meter or decameter?

Deca is a prefix meaning 10. Hence, a decameter is 10 meters, and therefore it is larger than a meter.

Is decameter is larger than a nonometer?

I think you mean decameter and nanometer a decameter is 10 meters a nanometer is one billionth of a meter so a decameter is 10 billion nanometers

Is a kilometer larger than a decameter?


Which Is Larger millimeter centimeter kilometer decameter?


How many times larger is a kilometer than a decameter?


Is a meter larger than a yard?

a meter is not larger then a yard.

Is 1 yard equal to 1 decameter?

1 dekametre = 10 metres = approx 11 yards

How many centimeters are in decameter?

1 decameter = 1000000 decameter

Which is larger a meter or a yard?


Which is larger a square kilometer or a square decameter?

Kilo means 1000, deka means 10.

Which is larger millimeter centimeter kilometer or decameter?

kilometer. This is the order. kilo>deca>centi>milli

How many times larger is a square kilometer than a square decameter?

A square kilometre is 9999 times larger (10000 times as large).

How many inches are in a decameter?

A decameter is 10 meters.1 decameter = 393.700787 inches

Which is larger a kilometer or yard?

kilometer is larger.

Is one meter larger than one yard?

No. A yard is slightly larger than a meter1 yard = 0.9144 meters

Is a square meter or square yard larger?

A square meter is larger than a square yard.

Which is larger a foot or a yard?

yard, 1 yard equals 3 feet

What is the number of meters in a decameter?

There are 10 meters in a decameter.

What is the same length as a decameter?

A decameter is 10 meters.

How many meters arein a 0.5 decameter?

1 decameter = 10 meters 0.5 decameter = 5 meters

What does decameter to cm convert by?

1 decameter=10m 1meter =100cm 1 decameter=10*100=1000cm

Is a square foot or a square yard larger?

A square yard.