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Q: What is larger ampher or milliampher?
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Who are the pioneers in the field of electricity?

Alessandra Volta Charles Coulumb Benjamin Franklin Georg Simon Ohm Andre Marie Ampher

How much volt ampher usedneed to charge 6 volt battery?

That would depend on the size of the battery, you want the amps of the charger to be reasonably proportional to the capacity of the battery.

What is the analogy and difference between guass's law and ampher's law?

(1).Guass's law is related to electric field and its effects. While as ampere's law is related to magnetic field.

What is larger an asteroid or a planet?

Planets are larger, generally much larger.

When fractions have like denominators the larger the what the larger the fraction?

When you have fractions with like denominators, the larger is the one with the larger numerator.

Is 4.5 larger than 4.500?

is 4.5 larger than 4.500 or smaller

Is 0.21 smaller or larger than 0.2?

0.21 is larger than 0.2

What is larger 1.75 or 1.8?

1.8 is larger because the numbers before the second decimal are larger

Does larger things have smaller volume?

No. Larger things usually have larger volumes.

What is 6.08 is Compared to 6.8 Which Is Larger?

6.8 is larger than 6.08

Are you converting from a smaller to larger unit or larger to smaller unit converting millimeters to meter?

You convert to a larger unit. Smaller to larger. Metre is 1000 times larger than a millimetre

What number is larger 1.099 or 0.904?

1.099 is larger than 0.904.