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Billion....why do you not know this?

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Q: What is larger million or billion?
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Related questions

Which is greater a million or billion?

a billion is actually 1,000 million 1,000,000 = 1 million 1,000,000,000 = 1 billion A billion is much larger than a million

How many times larger is a billion than a million?

One billion is one thousand times larger than one million.

What bigger 35 billion or 42 million?

35 billion is much larger than 42 million.

How many billions make up a million?

A billion is larger then a million, so there is instead 1000 millions that make up 1 billion.

Which is larger Canada or china?

Canada is larger in square miles (4.5 million > 3.7 million) China is larger in population (1.3 billion > 33.4 million)

Is 500 million larger than 5 billion?

no..... wow.

What is the name of a volume that is 1000 times larger than a million?

A thousand times a million is usually called a billion.

Is a billion a thousand million or a million million?

A billion is a thousand million.

How many times larger is 1 billion than 1 thousand?


How much is a trillion pounds?

a billion pounds is a million million. so a trillion is a billion billion. 1 trillion equals 1,000,000,000,000

Is 100 million is 1 billion?

No. 1 billion is 1,000 million.

How many times larger is a billion billion from one billion?

one billion times larger

What is 165 million in percentages?

165 million = 16500 million % = 16.5 billion %165 million = 16500 million % = 16.5 billion %165 million = 16500 million % = 16.5 billion %165 million = 16500 million % = 16.5 billion %

Which number is bigger 31 billion or 6227020800?

31 billion is larger 6 billion 227 million 20 thousand 800 is much smaller than 31 billion or 31,000,000,000 vs 6,227,020,800

Is 1GB bigger than 256MB?

Ofcourse!!! Just as how 1 billion is larger that 256 million...thats all

560 billion is how many million?

560 billion is 560,000 million each billion equals 1,000 million

How many million are there in 0.1 billion?

1 billion = 1000 million so 0.1 billion = 100 million

How many million are in 1.4 billion?

There are 1,400 million in 1.4 billion, since 1,000 million is equal to a billion.

500 million is equal to 50 billion?

No, a billion is one thousand million so 500 million is only half a billion.

What is 60 billion divided by 50 million?


How much million make a billion?

A thousand million is a billion in most cultures. In some (older) cultures, it takes a million million to make a billion.

How much is a billion? or one thousand million. This is the American billion. The British billion is one million million or

How much million is equal to 1 billion?

a million million= one billion 1000,0002=one billion

How do you convert from billion to million?

multiply billion by 1000 to get million for example 10 billion = 10000 million

What is 7 billion divided by 20 million?