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One third = 0.3333

Thirty-three tenths = 3.300 so is about 10 times larger

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Q: What is larger one third or thirty-three tenths?
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What is larger one third or three tenths?

Three tenths would be larger

Is 2 tenths larger than 1 third?

No. Two tenths is 20%. One third is 33 1/3%

Which is greater one third or nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one third.

Is one third greater than three tenths?

Are 3 tenths greater than one third

What is bigger one third or six tenths?

Six tenths is 80% more than one third.

Is three tenths greater than one third?

Yes, three tenths is greater than one third.

Is five tenths or one third bigger?

5 tenths

Is five tenths less than one third?

No. .5 (5/10) is larger than .33 (1/3).

Which one is larger 34 tenths or 4.3?

4.3, which is 43 tenths.

Is three tenths larger than one half?

No. Five tenths is equal to one half.

What is larger one third or 0.03?

One third is larger = 0.33333

Is one fourth larger than four tenths?

One-fourth is not larger then Four-tenths. One-fourth is equal to .25 of 1 Four-tenths is equal to .40 of 1.

Which is larger one third of one half or one half of one third?

Neither is larger.

What is one third divided by three tenths?


What fraction is larger one third or one fifteenth?

one third is larger than one fifth

What is 2 and one third times nine tenths'?

Twenty-one tenths, which is 2 and one tenth or 2.1 in decimal.

What is one third of nine tenths?


Is two tenths equal to one third?


What is one tenth divided by one third?

three tenths, 0.3

Is one third greater than nine tenths?


What is bigger one third or two sevenths?

seven tenths

What is the answer to nine tenths minus one third?

It is: 17/30

Is one third bigger than three tenths?

Yes, one third is bigger than three tenths. One third is 3.333 recurring.

What is three and three tenths times one third equal?

It is one and one tenth.

What number is larger 1.0 or 1.8?

1.8 is a larger number than 1.0. 1.0 is one while 1.8 is one and eight tenths so it is larger.