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Q: What is length height thickness and distance?
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What is width height thickness distance?


What is the word for thickness width height and distance?

It is Length.

How do you find the thickness with height length and mass?

Volume= Length x Height x thickness = Mass ---------- Density So, Thickness = Mass ---------------------------------- Density x Length x Height

What is a flat surface that has infinite length and width but no thickness or height?

A plane

2 physical properties that you can measure?

they are density heat length height width and thickness Length, height and width all measure the same property - distance just in different directions. Mass can be measured. Volume can be measured and sometimes calculated using measurements of distance and formulas for established shapes. Ex the volume of a rectangular prism is V= lwh Density is usually calculated based on mass and volume.

What is length and height?

Height and length are measurements. Height is usually the distance from an objects upper-most point to its lowest. Length is usually the distance from one side of an object to the other.

What are the three principal dimensions of an object?

Height (thickness or dept) Width Length

What does width height distance and thickness equal?

the science and math use of solving

Measuring length width height and distance are all forms of what measurement?

Measuring length, width, height, and distance are all forms of what measurement?

What is the math distance length?

Length is used to measure distance or height. It is measured in km , m ,cm.

Weight height thickness or distance?

Are measurable characteristics of solid objects in a gravitational field.

A Has infinite length and length but no thickness?

A point has no length, width, or thickness. A line has infinite length but no width or thickness. A plane has infinite length and width but no thickness.